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User friendly and reliable

Controlling a closed environment has never been easier. IGS controllers have an easy-to-use digital interface that allows you to set the ideal climate settings for your growing areas.

About us


Founded in 1995, Nova Biomatique (2011) Inc. designs, manufactures and markets closed environment climate controllers such as greenhouses for professional and hobby gardeners. Our controllers are sold under our trademark Plug N Grow ™ Controllers. Based in Eastern Canada, Plug N Grow Controllers is one of the only manufacturers of air conditioning products to manufacture 100% of its products right here in North America. Since 1995, the main mission of the controllers of Plug N Grow is to propose high quality climatic regulators manufactured in North America for all the producers. We are renowned for our reliable controllers, which also has an excellent warranty. We are proud of every product that leaves our facilities. We have a qualified team of technical support present to help our customers. Simply call our toll-free number and a qualified agent will assist you in all areas. Thank you for choosing Plug N Grow ™ controllers and we hope to help you increase your yields. Our products are available at your local home garden retailer. Just ask for Plug N Grow ™ (PNG) or Intelligent Growing Systems (IGS) climate controllers.

Our vision

  • Long life products

  • Fully produced in North America

  • Precise sensors and algorithm

About us
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